Wednesday, February 22, 2017
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Monday, July 7, 2014

Unproven cancer cure for Hudson girl - compassionate treatment or medical profiteering?

My column in The Telegraph today tackles a difficult subject: Whether all the energy, hope - and money, lots of money - being gathered to help a 12-year-old Hudson girl battle a brain tumor is a good thing or a waste.

The problem is that the "treatment" which friends and family are raising thousands of dollars to buy is unproven, and has been unproven for four decades. It's from a Texas doctor named Stanislaw Burzynsk who has proven adept at getting publicity - including lots of positive press in New Hampshire - but incapable of running a clinical trial which will show that his injections do anything.

The FDA recently allowed a half-dozen "compassionate" treatments to go forward over the objection of the medical community after public outcry and at least a bit of political pressure.

You can read the column here.