Monday, February 20, 2017
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You may have to squint to see the predicted electricity used for transportation in 20 years. From draft of N.H. State Energy Report.
Monday, June 9, 2014

Electric cars/trucks will be just a tiny part of NH power usage for decades

The state Office of Energy and Planning is in the process of developed an update of the state Energy Plan, which will be the topic of many public hearings over the next month. The draft report is 98 pages and loaded with data - you can check it out here for a little nighttime reading.

There's lots of interesting stuff in it, too much to absorb at once. Above you'll see one item that grabbed my interest quickly: a chart showing the forecast of future electricity usage in New Hampshire. It demonstrates just how small a portion of the total is likely to be devoted to electric cars and trucks, despite all the attention garnered by Tesla, Leaf, et al.

If you want to attent a public hearing on the draft of the report, check out the schedule here; hearings start tomorrow (June 10) in Berlin, and wind up June 25 in Nashua.