Monday, February 27, 2017
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I love the calm, reasoned debate over GMO food. (
Friday, May 9, 2014

GMOs should be encouraged, but requiring labels for them is just fine

Vermont has become the first state to mandate labeling of foods with GMOs, which will trigger a lot of court fights. (New Hampshire rejected a similar bill this spring.)

The GMO-label debate tends to turn into a "are GMOs good or bad" debate, but I don't think these two factors have to be related.

I support GMOs in general - we'd be stupid not to use all the scientific tools at our disposal as the world copes with climate change-challenged food problems - but I don't see why they shouldn't have to announce their presence if people want labels. Information is good, right? Right!

Sure, GMO labels will be misinterpreted by some people - but companies have convinced America that Froot Loops is food and water has to be drunk out of expensive bottles, so they can figure out how to convince people not to freak out over GMOS. And sure it will add some costs, but tough - that's how the world works.

So I say support research into genetically modifying foods, incorporate GMOs where useful, crack down on anti-research vandalism, but if the population wants labels then give us labels.