Saturday, February 25, 2017
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Everyone has fun until the rear suspension breaks.
Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wet blanket news of the day: A pickup truck swimming pool will break your truck

There is apparently a trend that I've missed (that's Missed Trend No. 472 ... this week) in which male owners of full-sized pickup trucks install a bed liner, fill the bed with water to create an instant swimming pool, and entice women wearing bikinis to leap in. Short of adding a few guns, this is about as stereotypical American as you can get.

Alas, once again, reality rears its ugly head: The DualLiner company (NOTE: I got the name wrong originally), which makes pickup bed liners, points out that water is really, really heavy - half again as dense as crushed asphalt, for crying out loud. Only 2 of the 24 pickups it checked are rated to carry so much weight without breaking the rear suspension and/or something else. Those trucks, incidentally, each cost more than $60,000, at least 20 times the cost of a small above-ground swimming pool.

Even a half-full swimming pool truck bed weighs more than a ton, too much for many pickups - and that's not counting the weight of the bikini-ed visitors.

"That's one of the reason truck beds have drain holes ... they help protect your suspension," the company adds helpfully.

This is why many people hate science and engineering: It shoots down fun fantasies with, you know - facts.