Tuesday, February 28, 2017
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I don't see no stinkin' face - but check out those big rabbit ears at about 1 o'clock.
Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Do you see a man in the moon or a rabbit?

I've been doing some short chats lately with NHPR's Brady Carlson as part of the local "All Things Considered," and a vital question came up in yesterday's segment: Do you see a man in the moon, or a rabbit?

Brady said he sees a person's face in the pattern of dark and light, but he's wrong. I have always seen a rabbit, so obviously that's the correct paredolia interpretation.

This came up, as you probably suspect, because we discussed the Chinese lunar lander, named Yutu, or "moon rabbit" (actually, we were discussing UNH participation in Cubesat launches, but the lander came up, too).

As the "moon rabbit" wikipedia article notes, it is common throughout east Asia to see a rabbit in the moon, usually pounding rice or otherwise using a mortar and pestle. Yes, exactly - smart people, those east Asians.

I'd link to the interview, but it doesn't seem to be online, which hopefully isn't a comment on how interesting I am.