Sunday, February 26, 2017
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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Chocolate as a phase-changing semisolid and other tasty physics from Science on Tap

I'll never reaction to chocolate the same again - "Mmmm, they did a fine job in this bon-bon of limiting the phase-change crystal structure to Form 5 during the tempering process" - after attending last night's Science on Tap, the state's newest "science cafe", hosted by SEE Science Center in Manchester.

Richard Tango-Low, owner and chocolatier in the very high-end Dancing Lion Chocolates on Elm Street and an engineer who worked in the early days of superconducting computers for TRW (he sounded slightly wistful takling to me after the event, looking back on Josephson junctions and other fun stuff), gave a presentation and answered questions about the physics, the history, the ecology, and the business of creating chocolate. I'm not a chocolate freak by any means but it was fascinating. Plus, beer.

If you aren't attending some of the state's science cafes, you're missing out. Something else to do in a bar other than karaoke and talking about your kids!