Monday, February 27, 2017
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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Oysters in the Great Bay, at Wednesday's Science Cafe in Portsmouth

Oyster farms are unusual in agriculture: They're good for the environment (filtering polluted waters) even as they're good for our own consumption. Folks in the Seacoast have been trying to re-establish oyster beds in the Great Bay region for years (I wrote about efforts in 2011, but it far predates that) both as a local-food option and for local employment, as well as a way to help clean up the waters of that over-built region.

The Portsmouth Science Cafe is going to delve into this topic on the half shell, so to speak, tomorrow (Wed., Nov. 13) with some very experienced panelists. You can read more about it here - or better yet, you can show up, quaff some excellent beer, and learn more. I don't know if oysters will be on the menu, but they should be!

(Portsmouth is more sophisticated than Nashua - they have an accent on their Cafe but we don't.)