Tuesday, May 31, 2016
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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Is chess a "toy"? National Toy Hall of Fame thinks so!

UPDATE: Chess was chosen, along with - get this - the rubber duck. That's a pretty funny combination, actually.

Halls of fame are silly publicity stunts, but they can be fun. The National Toy Hall of Fame in Rochester, N.Y., has some interesting inductees - my favorite is "the stick" - but mostly it's an exercise in nostalgia and corporate salesmanship.

This year's list of possible inductees includes the usual mix of company brands - Clue, My Little Pony, Pac-Man - and generic items - bubbles and "little green Army men". But then there's chess.

Chess? A toy? A game, yes, but the term "toy" implies a frivolity that doesn't seem chess-like. They'll be choosing inductees today; let's home Bobby Fischer doesn't rise up from the dead and attack.

Here are the current inductees.