Sunday, February 26, 2017
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Monday, October 7, 2013

Stopping to get gas is a pain in the tank - hooray for hybrids

For a couple of years I have been driving a hybrid Civic, getting almost 50 mpg. But my wife and I recently swapped cars for various reasons, and now I drive the Subaru wagon, which gets almost 30 mpg.

When discussing hybrids people talk about the monetary advantage of using less gas, but almost as significant is the time advantage.

Stopping at the gas station to fill up the car is a pain in the neck. In the hybrid I could commute all week and a day or two more without worrying about it; now I have to fill up at least once a week. Building an extra 10-15 minutes into my routine now and then, and/or changing my route to go past a gas station, is annoying; having to do it more often is really annoying. I miss the hybrid.

As a side note, I get similar advantage from our battery-operated lawn mower, because I don't have to lug around extra gas for the mower. Avoiding those trips to the gas station with the stinky 5-gallon can in the back of the Subaru, lugging gasoline back and forth, is a real plus.