Monday, February 27, 2017
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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

MIT to offers certificates for series of online courses - sort of a mini-major 

MIT is going to offer certificates - not degrees, but better than nothing - for various "series" of its free online courses, as a step up from single-course certiicates. The first two "XSeries sequences" (MITx is the idiotic brand of MIT's online courses) are Foundations of Computer Science and Supply Chain and Logistics Management.

From the official statement:

Each XSeries will cover content equivalent to two to four traditional residential courses and take between six months and two years to complete. The first module of the Computer Science XSeries will begin this fall, and the Supply Chain and Logistics Management XSeries will start in Fall 2014. As part of the pilot, the initial XSeries sequences are pitched at different student levels. The Foundations of Computer Science XSeries is designed at the introductory undergraduate level and the Supply Chain and Logistics Management XSeries has been developed at the graduate level for learners seeking to work professionally in the field. The programs will offer certificates of achievement but not academic credit.

This is interesting, although it's still far short of the startling plan by the Georgia Institute of Technology to offer a full computer-science master's degree online (NYTimes story here)

(Hey, I wrote this entire story without using that idiotic acronym MOOC!)