Wednesday, February 22, 2017
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Friday, July 26, 2013

Science Cafe topics: Aquaponics, multiple sclerosis, and is it worth it to send humans into space?

Science Cafe NH in Nashua has set the topics for the three fall sessions (we take off December). Here's the website; more details will be added as panelists confirm.

Sept. 18 – AQUAPONICS – growing vegetables in water, not soil, on top of swimming fish that help fertilize the water (until you eat them, of course). It's very efficient, but how feasible is it in New Hampshire?

Oct. and Nov. (schedule still being set):
+ HUMAN SPACEFLIGHT – does it make sense? Why not just send robots?
+ MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS – why does New England, including New Hampshire, have the highest incidence of this disease in the country?

Next year (after December break):
ELECTRIC CARS – do they make sense?
ALLERGIES – are they getting worse? Why?