Saturday, February 25, 2017
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Part of the first web page published at CERN in 1993, kept by the World Wide Web Consortium
Tuesday, April 30, 2013

20 years ago, the World Wide Web (haven't typed that in a while) was born

It's geek nostalgia time: 20 years ago today, Gizmodo reminds us:

CERN published a statement that made the technology behind the World Wide Web available to use, by anybody, on a royalty free basis.That decision, pushed forward by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, transformed the internet.

Cue rambling reminiscences by people like me (i.e., not young) about using Mozilla for the first time and seeing so-and-so. If you're not careful, we might wander further back in rose-colored-glasses mode and start talking about how wonderful Bulletin Board Systems were ...

I was going to link to CERN's recreation of the very first web page, but it won't load - too many viewers, I'd guess. Here's their general page about "birth of the Web." Here's New Scientist's copy of the first web page, which I've shown above.