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Annual Bulk Rate Contracts (12 mo)

Dollar Volume* PCI Rate
$5,000.00 250" $21.90
$9,500.00 500" $21.50
$17,500.00 1,000" $21.10
$45,000.00 2,500" $20.90
$85,000.00 5,000" $20.05
$150,000.00 10,000" $19.80

Open Rate per column inch: $27.70 pci

All ROP, Special Sections, Classified, Preprints dollar count towards dollar volume commitment, not towards inches.

Line Advertisements

Minimum size is 4 lines, 3 days, consecutively.
Rate(per line per day)*
3-7 days $2.81
8-14 days $1.91
15-21 $1.85
22 + $1.70

* Published in The Telegraph, Milford Cabinet, Brookline/Hollis, Merrimack and Bedford Journals, and Neighbors TMC.

In Column Display
No border, minimum size 1 inch, 1 day $30.35*

Job Market

Must run same ad Sunday/Monday
Display $21.15 pci
In-column $29.50 pci*


Classifieds Daily Space Rates

28 days $10.00pci
15 days $13.80 pci
7 days $15.70 pci
3 days $18.30 pci


Special Classification Rates

Political Advertising Local net rates apply, non-commissionable. Prepay only
Engagement Notice (Publishes Sunday) $25.00+
Wedding Announcement (Publishes Sunday) $40.00+
Card of Thanks, In Memoriams (One inch minimum) $22.50 pci
Obituaries (10 inch minimum) $10.50 pci
Box Holders Charge Mailed $45.00, Held $35.00
St. Jude/Novena (1x2") $29.50pci

Web Charges for Display Ads

7 Day posting plus Top Job $195.00

All employment ads are published on Nashuatelegraph Get Classifieds


Payment Information:

No refunds on cash orders.
Charged ads will be billed for the number of days run.
Prepayment is required for the following classifications:
Apartment Wanted Livestock Roommates
Autos Wanted Loans Self Employment
Business Opportunity Network Marketing Services and Supplies
Child Care Personals Situations Wanted
Cycles/Mopeds Pets Snowmobiles
Employment Recreational  
Information Rentals  

Commission and Terms of Payment

TERMS NET: All accounts are due and payable upon presentation.
A FINANCE CHARGE OF 1½% per month, (ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE 18%), will be assessed on all accounts over due 30 days from billing date and such assessment shall continue until balance is paid.
MINIMUM FINANCE CHARGE OF $.50 per month. The advertiser is liable for collection costs including reasonable attorney’s fees and other legal expenses and costs incurred in the collection of delinquent accounts.
CREDIT: Prepayment is required until new advertisers establish credit.
CONTRACT: Advertisers failing to fulfill any contract with The Telegraph will be charged retroactively to the actual earned rate.


General Policy

RATES: Subject to adjustment with 30 days notice.
ACCEPTANCE: The forwarding of an order and/or advertising copy for publication is construed as an unqualified acceptance of all the rates and conditions under which advertising space is sold by the publisher at that time.
COPY: The publisher reserves the right to edit advertising copy or reject advertisements wholly or in part.
ERRORS: The Telegraph assumes no financial responsibility for typographical errors in advertising or for omissions, or failure for any reason to insert an advertisement affecting its value. In the case of typographical errors the newspaper shall not be responsible beyond the first insertion.
CANCELLATION: Ads cancelled after deadline will be charged for space ordered.
ADVERTISER RESPONSIBILITY: The advertiser agrees to assume sole responsibility for statements contained in its advertisement and indemnifies The Telegraph against any and all liability, loss or expense arising at or claims for libel, unfair trade practice, unfair competition, infringement of trademarks, names or patents, copyrights and proprietary rights and all violations of the right of privacy resulting from the publication of the advertiser’s copy.
SEQUENTIAL LIABILITY: The Telegraph Publishing Company reserves the right to refuse all sequential liability claims. We hold the advertising agency themselves responsible for payment of ads run in good faith on behalf of their customers.


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