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Download the Telegraph Rate Card 2012

Annual Bulk Contracts

ROP Daily Sunday
Open Rate $30.60 32.65
Open Prepaid $29.35 $31.20
$1,200 $27.70 $29.45
$2,500.00 $24.85 $26.95
$5,000.00 $21.70 $23.65
$9,500.00 $20.60 $22.20
$13,500.00 $19.55 $21.90
$17,500.00 $19.25 $20.85
$26,000.00 $18.70 $20.15
$33,500.00 $18.20 $19.60
$49,000.00 $17.65 $19.20
$95,000.00 $17.40 $18.85
$150,000.00 $17.05 $18.40

Annual Frequency Contracts

The Telegraph Daily Sunday  
6 Week Contract $24.75 $26.60  
13 Week Contract $19.10 $20.45  
26 Week Contract $17.45 $18.85  
52 Week Contract $15.65 $17.75  

Daily space - run your ad for 28 consecutive days for $399pci

All print, inprint and preprint dollars count toward dollar volume contracts.
All rates are per column inch net.
All ads eight inches or larger placed as ROP ads in The Telegraph go into our searchable online database on, which reaches an additional 13,000+ readers.
Rate is applicable for The Telegraph, Feast and Encore.
Ad size minimum for frequency contracts and pickup discounts is four inches.
Guaranteed placement requires 25% surcharge.
Nonprofit (501c) organizations qualify for the $5,000 rate.

Color Bulk Contracts

    Open 6-12x 13-74x 75+
Spot   $200 $170 $150 $120
Full   $350 $298 $263 $210

Color is priced per ad, per day net.

Pick-up Rates

Combination Rates
The Telegraph 2nd Day 3rd Day
Daily 30% off 50% off

Pickup rates apply to ROP advertising, provided the copy is scheduled to run within six calendar days of the first insertion with no copy changes.

Classified advertising is excluded from these combination rates.
No discounts on Sundays. Discount is off open or contract rate.

Neighbors TMC

  Open Contract    
ROP $5.50 $4.95    
Classified $3.50 $2.95    

Pick up your ad from The Telegraph into Neighbors TMC.


Front Page Adhesive Notes

  1-3x 4-6x 7-9x 10x +
10,000-19,999 $65 $64 $63 $62
20,000-29,999 $62 $58 $55 $51
30,000-49,999 $59 $55 $52 $50
50,000-74,999 $56 $54 $50 $48
75,000 + $45 $42 $40 $38

Customer first establishes a frequency level, then determines rate based on quantity for each insertion.

All costs are per thousand. Costs include design, printing & front page adhesive as a 3"x3" on yellow or white paper with one ink color. Minimum quantity 10,000.

FREE ad on - ask how! Zip codes of your Choice. Other options including full color notes are available. Please call 603-594-1260.

Preprint Rates

Quantity   1-3 4-7 8-13 14-19 20-29 30-49 50-69 70-99 100+
10,000-19,999   $61 $60 $59 $57 $54 $51 $49 $47 $44
20,000-29,999   $59 $58 $57 $54 $51 $49 $47 $44 $41
30,000-35,999   $54 $52 $50 $47 $46 $45 $44 $41 $39
36,000-54,000   $52 $50 $49 $46 $45 $44 $43 $39 $36
55,000-59,999   $49 $47 $46 $45 $44 $43 $42 $36 $33
60,000+   $47 $46 $45 $44 $43 $42 $41 $33 $30

All above rates are cost per thousand (CPM) net.
Advertiser establishes a frequency level, then determines the CPM by the quantity per insert.
Minimum 10,000 inserts.
Sunday preprints add $2 CPM. Sundays require full run distribution.
Preprints are distributed by zip code.
Polybags: $55cpm daily, $65cpm Sunday net; no discounts available.

Let us quote your next print job - we do full color glossy flyers as low as $0.05 each!

Preprint Information:

1. All preprints are inserted in plant.
2. Reservations should be made not less than 14 days in advance of the scheduled insertion date. First come, first served on reservation basis. Monday inserts require full run circulation or a $200 surcharge will be applied.
3. Standard and tabloid sections are accepted based on sizes not exceeding 13.5" x 11.5". Acceptance of preprints that do not meet size requirement may be quarterfolded; contact The Telegraph advertising management. Minimum size is 5" x 7". Multipage inserts may require upcharge if must be hand inserted.
4. All preprint advertising shall be only for advertiser's own business for his/her own outlet and shall not carry more than one signature or logo.
5. Preprinted inserts will not be inserted into copies distributed by U.S. Mail
6. Materials must be delivered freight prepaid to Seacoast Media Group c/o Nashua Telegraph, 111 New Hampshire Avenue, Portsmouth, NH 03801 not less than five to seven days prior to scheduled insertion date. Must be delivered on skids (maximum height 52" with skid, maximum width 48").
7. Hours: 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. NO deliveries accepted on Saturday or Sunday. Request 24-hour notice prior to delivery.
8. Sunday full run 30,000 required. Daily full run 24,000 copies required.
9. Total market saturation options are available.
10. Polybag dimensions: 9  " x 21" daily; 9" x 23" Sunday. Full run, home delivery only.

Features, Special Products, Services

Regional News
Daily Travel, Books, Family, Health Sun
National News Daily Weddings, Engagements Sun
Sports Daily TV Week Flexitab Sun
Entertainment Daily Comics; Coupons Sun
Comics Daily Front Page Adhesive Notes 3x3" adhesive notes preprint or we print
TV Listings Daily Front Page ROP Advertising 6 column by 1", 2 column x 2" and 2 column x 4" ROP full color spots available
Neighbors Community  Mon & Thurs One-Stop Print Shop Glossy flyers; we design, print & insert as low as 5 cents each
Feast Food Tabloid Wed TV Week Magazine Guaranteed position ads; Complete TV and Cable listings
Encore A & E Tabloid Thurs Neighbors TMC Weekly nonsubscriber shopper in Nashua, Hudson & Litchfield
Religion Sat Commercial Printing Newspaper / Tabloid printing, call 603-594-6477

Special Sections & Events Calendar

  Timing Type   Timing Type
Wedding Guide Jan Pages Pawsitively Pets Expo May Event, Tabloid
Auto Feb & Oct Broadsheet MotorMania Car Show June Event, Tabloid
Encore Superstar Contest Feb Event, Tabliod Graduation June Tabloid
Progress: Health & Education March Broadsheet Community Guide July Flexitab
Progress: Business I March Broadsheet Education Guide August Tabloid
Progress: A&E March Broadsheet Sports Preview September Tabloid
Progress: Business II March Broadsheet Wicked Wine & Brew Fest September Event, Tabloid
Women's Expo April Event, Tabloid Health & Wellness October Event, Tabloid
Home & Garden April & Sept Broadsheet Kids Fair November Event, Tabloid
Summer Guide May Tabloid Feast Local Cookbook November Flexitab
Menu Guide May & Oct Tabloid Holiday Gift Guides Nov & Dec Broadsheet

Special Sections / Events deadline typically three weeks to a month prior to publication / event timing noted above.
Special sections appear online at Schedule subject to change.


For Ads up to and including March 7, 2011:
Mechanical Requirements

ROP   1.833" 3.792" 5.75" 7.708" 9.667" 11.625"    
Classified   1.181" 2.486" 3.792" 5.097" 6.403" 7.708" 9.014" 10.319" 11.625"

Offset printing process; SAU ROP format. Halftones: 85 line screen.
Full page image areas: Broadsheet: 11.625" x 21" Tabloid: 9.667" x 11.5" 


Mechanical Requirements

ROP   1.604" 3.333" 5.062" 6.792" 8.521" 10.25"    
Classified   1.084" 2.230" 3.375" 4.521" 5.667" 6.813" 7.958" 9.104" 10.25"

Offset printing process; ROP format. Halftones: 85 line screen.
Full page image areas: Broadsheet: 10.25" x 20.25" Tabloid: 10.25" x 10.0" 


    Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Feast Encore Neighbors TMC
ROP / Classified   Wed
Class Line/
In Col
n/a n/a Wed

TV Week
Mon 5pm two weeks prior to publication
Sunday Help Wanted Display Thurs 10am

The Telegraph provides ad layout services at no additional charge. For proof, please submit copy ideas at least 24 hours prior to deadline.
Photography services may require an additional fee. Email or call  to reserve space prior to submitting copy.


Ad Delivery System

Submit ads here:
Ad files accepted in PDF format

General Policy

RATES: Subject to adjustment with 30 days notice.
ACCEPTANCE: The forwarding of an order and/or advertising copy for publication is construed as an unqualified acceptance of all the rates and conditions under which advertising space is sold by the publisher at that time.
COPY: The publisher reserves the right to edit advertising copy or reject advertisements wholly or in part.
ERRORS: The Telegraph assumes no financial responsibility for typographical errors in advertising or for omissions, or failure for any reason to insert an advertisement affecting its value. In the case of typographical errors the newspaper shall not be responsible beyond the first insertion.
CANCELLATION: Ads cancelled after deadline will be charged for space ordered.
ADVERTISER RESPONSIBILITY: The advertiser agrees to assume sole responsibility for statements contained in its advertisement and indemnifies The Telegraph against any and all liability, loss or expense arising at or claims for libel, unfair trade practice, unfair competition, infringement of trademarks, names or patents, copyrights and proprietary rights and all violations of the right of privacy resulting from the publication of the advertiser’s copy.
SEQUENTIAL LIABILITY: The Telegraph Publishing Company reserves the right to refuse all sequential liability claims. We hold the advertising agency themselves responsible for payment of ads run in good faith on behalf of their customers.


Questions? Call (603) 594-1260 or email