Wednesday, August 20, 2014
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Local commentary

The world is their classroom

The days are waning and stores are sporting “back to school” sales. A portion of New Hampshire kids, however, will not be going back into … Full story    
Updated 2 days ago

Why don’t we have police riots in New Hampshire?

Could something chaotic like the riots occurring in Ferguson, Mo., happen in New Hampshire? Perhaps or perhaps not. At least racism would likely not be … Full story    
Published:  August 17, 2014

After the ice melts, the need remains

The “Ice Bucket Challenge” has officially taken over this month, flooding social newsfeeds and soaking the nation while raising awareness for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also … Full story    
Published:  August 17, 2014

The city could do a better job with transparency

Transparency is a word we always hear from politicians. Every candidate for federal and state office promises transparency. The promise and the result are rarely … Full story    
Published:  August 17, 2014

We will miss Kevin Landrigan

As in any profession, there are good days in The Telegraph newsroom, and others you wish you had the power to undo. One of the … Full story    
Published:  August 17, 2014

Being first leaves lasting impression

In sports, NASCAR, the lottery and landing on the Moon, being first means you’re a winner. Being first in many of life’s other events doesn’t … Full story    
Published:  August 10, 2014

Mystery on Temple Street

If you are a reader of mysteries – as I am – when you read a newspaper article, you read between the lines. You try … Full story    
Published:  August 10, 2014

Sloganeering won’t help NH

This week, Republican candidate for governor Walt Havenstein released his economic development plan for New Hampshire. Mr. Havenstein calls it his “8.15.17” proposal because of … Full story    
Published:  August 10, 2014

Change would benefit efficiency in NH government

New Hampshire’s Executive Council has a chance on Tuesday to cut government waste, improve efficiency, strengthen transparency and make it easier for local firms to … Full story    
Published:  August 4, 2014

Give military women equal treatment

In 1999, New Hampshire lawmakers agreed that all women should have unfettered access to birth control. Together 121 Democrats and 120 Republicans came together and … Full story    
Published:  August 4, 2014

Memories lie in old albums, shoeboxes and crusty envelopes

I recently undertook one of those rainy-day projects I’ve wanted to do for so many years I can’t even count. I went through almost a … Full story    
Published:  August 3, 2014

The Market Basket dispute offers a valuable loyalty test

It was Sunday, and I had to go to the grocery store, something I had not done in a couple of weeks. Normally, I buy … Full story    
Published:  August 3, 2014

Back porch peace means something

Independence Day weekend, my wife and I are sitting on our porch. Life is good, the mosquitos buzz frantically against the screens, ice melts quietly … Full story    
Published:  August 3, 2014

Doctor’s office call spiked his blood pressure

I think my doctor misses me. I haven’t talked to him lately, but he really wants me to make another appointment. I last saw him … Full story    
Published:  August 3, 2014

Obama and Biden: Steps we’ve taken to secure jobs

Almost six years after the worst financial crisis in generations, our businesses have added nearly 10 million new jobs over the past 52 months. Manufacturers … Full story    
Published:  July 31, 2014

Gaza issue doesn’t lend itself to naive solutions

This is in response to Katharine Gregg’s recent column (“Can’t Israel give just a little?” The Telegraph, July 29) positing that, if only Israel would … Full story    
Published:  July 31, 2014

Senator: Pipeline meeting was justified


The Telegraph should be lauded for its ongoing efforts to promote open government, and for continuously seeking to reduce secrecy through Right to Know laws. … Full story    
Published:  July 30, 2014

Can’t Israel give just a little?

I was born two days before the D-Day. The war was beginning slowly to turn around. Of course, I don’t remember VE Day – or … Full story    
Published:  July 29, 2014

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