Boxing scores a  knockout in DuBois  

Monday, April 8, 2013


A packed house enjoyed an 11-bout card in Golden Gloves boxing action Saturday night at the DuBois Country Club. Organizers announced that the Western Pennsylvania Police Athletic League will open a gym in DuBois later this year. (Photo by JoElla Fiorella/Vivid Photo Studio)

On a full night of boxing at the DuBois Country Club Saturday, the only knockout was the reception given to the Golden Gloves competition that brought 11 bouts to town.
On a Saturday when "Fore!' ruled the day on the country club grounds, three-round bouts and standing eight counts reigned over the night for a crowd estimated at 400 that filled the club's banquet room turned arena.
The fancy will not be fleeting.
Organizers announced that the Western Pennsylvania Police Athletic League, sponsors and namesakes of Golden Gloves boxing, will open a gymnasium in DuBois later this year.
In addition to boxing, the gym will feature weightlifting, dancing and literacy training.
It expands into the Tri-County Area the WPAL's commitment to give young people from 13 years of age and older a healthy alternative to diversions such as drugs and violence.
When organizers announced that boxing was coming to DuBois, director and founder of the WPAL, James M. Cvetic, said, "I am very pleased that the WPAL was able to work with OAG Management to schedule a 2013 tournament event in DuBois. It is an area where we have not yet had a large event and we hope that we can continue to have a presence in DuBois even after the Golden Gloves are over."
Cvetic is a retired Allegheny County police officer.
"I don't care how tough the kid is or how bad he is," Cvetic has said of the league's mission. "When he puts on those trunks and those gloves and steps into that ring under the lights, it's a moment he's going to carry with him the rest of his life. No matter what he becomes in life, for at least one moment, he'll always have the lights."
The WPAL has been working to promote good relationships between law enforcement and the youth in Western Pennsylvania by creating interactions such as boxing for many years both through the Golden Gloves and through the various gyms it operates throughout the state.
The league encourages local law enforcement officials to work out in their gyms (free of charge) with the kids in the area and to interact with them on larger scale events such as the Golden Gloves.
Before the 11-card event began, the 22 contestants filed into the ring for the singing of the National Anthem and remained standing to honor DuBois native Lance Cpl. Joshua Martino, a 19-year-old Marine who was one of seven Marines killed in a training accident on the Nevada desert March 18.
Members of Martino's family were in attendance and joined the boxers and the fans in standing during a silent 10-count in Martino's memory, the only sound the pealing of the bell at ringside 10 times.
WPAL officials then presented an American flag that flew at the Vietnam Memorial in Pittsburgh to Martino's family.
Scott Briggar and Aaron Beatty of OAG Management, who organized and brought the event to DuBois, thanked the community for "welcoming us with open arms."
The opening bout of the night saw Lucas Dupree of South Park win by decision over Cameron Donnely of Pittsburgh Route 51 in a Junior Division 95-pound bout.
The next bout featured a showdown in the Western Pa. Finals in the Master division 201 pounds plus. James Marsh of Altoona rallied in the third 2-minute round to decision Todd Bishop of Wolfpack.
Sterling Meekins of South Park won by decision over Dalton Reese of Boards Boxing in a 201-pound-plus Sub-Novice division contest.
In a 95-pound Junior Division matchup, Isaiah Guy of Pittsburgh Route 51 fended off a smaller but determined Cody Shankel of Wick City.
Calvin Taylor of Johnstown won a decision over Mike Withrow of Pittsburgh Route 51 in a Intermediate Division 125-pound bout.
J.W. Denis of Parisi Speed School claimed victory over Parish Bowman of South Park in a 132-pound Sub-Novice tilt that was the first fight of each boxer's career.
Amonte Eberhardt of 3rd Avenue WPAl outlasted Elliott Brown of Braddock WPAL in an Open Division 141-pound matchup that featured a hard-fought nine minutes of boxing.
Javon Langston of Northside WPAL won an Intermediate 101-pound tilt over Skylar Rubcic of Ellwood City after the referee stopped the fight midway through the second round.
In a Cadet Division 132-pound bout, Nate Sands of 3rd Avenue WPAL won by decision over Josh Larkin of Wolfpack boxing club.
In another 132-pound Cadet Division showdown, Zachery Arvelo of Ellwood City outdueled Gunner Gagen of PMAC in a spirited bout that saw Arvelo force Gagen into a standing eight-count in the third round.
In the night's finale, Eric Sydnor of Shafer Boxing and Jarrell Brackett of Pittsburgh Route Boxing went toe to toe, corner to corner and ropes to ropes for 9 minutes before Brackett won by decision.
In addition to the Western Pa. finals bout, the wins by Meekins, Guy and Brackett came in Golden Gloves tournament matchups.


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