Friday, January 30, 2015
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There's a UNH mathematician in the latest New Yorker - I bet you can guess which one

UNH mathematician Yitang "Tom" Zhang has now officially set the record for Most Unwanted Attention Devoted To New Hampshire Mathematician: He is profiled in the … Full story    
Updated yesterday

Invented laser, won Nobel Prize - but what's really interesting is that he owned Frog Rock in NH

Charles Townes, who won the Nobel Prize in physics for helping develop lasers, died this week. Among all the news reports about this interesting California … Full story    
Updated yesterday

NH High-Tech Council pushing to build a tech community for girls and women

From NHHTC: The New Hampshire High Tech Council has created TechWomen|TechGirls, a new forum focused on building a strong community of women enthusiastic about technology … Full story    
Updated yesterday

Report: Biofuels (plants into liquid fuel) make little or no sense

The World Resources Institute has issued a report which says that deades of research into biofuels - turning parts of plants into liquid fuel as … Full story    
Updated yesterday

Tiny UNH satellites to be launched, probing microbursts in Earth's radiation belt

From UNH News Service: Two tiny (4x4x6-inch) satellites built in part at the University of New Hampshire’s Space Science Center will be launched into orbit … Full story    
Updated yesterday

At a 13-1 ratio of water equivalence, no wonder the snow was so fluffy

I ended up with 14.5 inches of new snow in my yard - I am west of the heaviest snow - which melts down to … Full story    
Updated 2 days ago

Science pub on Thursday: "What to make of all those food studies?" 

Dartmouth isn't getting all that much snow from this storm, which is very coastal-centric, so they're already thinking about future events. On Thursday comes the … Full story    
Updated 2 days ago

This is how bad the white-out is (embarrassing self-reported error follows)

Driving to work (the news never sleeps!), I was thinking "wow, the white-out is pretty bad - it's hard to tell what's going on" .... … Full story    
Updated 2 days ago

Chat at the Alan Turing movie has been postponed a week by the storm

New Hampshire is shutting its state liquor stores tomorrow because of the storm - egad!!!! - do you know it's going to be big. That's … Full story    
Published:  January 26, 2015

A little nostalgia (but not too much) for BBS systems

OK, if I say "B-B-S" what sound do you hear? The beeps and boops, rasp and hiss of an old modem? Then you might want … Full story    
Published:  January 26, 2015

A little nostalgia (but not too much) for the pre-Web days of online bulletin boards in Greater Nashua

Legal Beagle. Dave’s Swimming Hole. Cuckoo’s Nest. Pleasure Dome. The Outpost. That’s a list to make you smile with fond remembrance – assuming, that is, … Full story    
Published:  January 26, 2015

Federal law would made municipal broadband harder to block  

Three U.S. senators have proposed a law that would prevent states or cities from blocking municipal broadband networks. Such blocking is usually political rather than … Full story    
Published:  January 23, 2015

After the new Alan Turing movie, a discussion about him, Engima Project, computers - Tuesday in Concord

If you're old enough to remember when the biography "Alan Turing: The Enigma" came out in 1983, you'll remember how startling it was. At the … Full story    
Published:  January 23, 2015

Study: Uber drivers make a lot more than taxi drivers (but have more costs)

An article in the Washington Post (read it here) discusses a study that says Uber drivers make about $6/hour more than taxi drivers in 20 … Full story    
Published:  January 22, 2015

It's a good day when you learn a new unit of measure: The ton (no, not that ton)

Packed house for last night's Science Cafe NH on geothermal energy; at least 65 crammed into the room alongside Killarney's Pub to hear from drillers, … Full story    
Published:  January 22, 2015

No pigs were harmed to make that bacon-scented lottery ticket

Prodded by the bacon-scented ticket from NH Lottery Commission, I penned this sidebar for The Telegraph: What is it about bacon that smells so good, … Full story    
Published:  January 21, 2015

Geothermal energy (as in heat pumps, not volcanoes) at this week's Science Cafe

How can you heat your home with 50-degree water from underground? That's the main question I expect to be asked tomorrow (Wednesday, Jan. 21) at … Full story    
Published:  January 20, 2015

Nashua clerk tells Uber drivers: Get a taxi license or you car might be seized

The Nashua city clerk, who oversees taxi licenses, has issued a letter saying that Uber drivers who don't get a special taxicab license could face … Full story    
Published:  January 19, 2015

Geothermal energy – does it make sense? Sounds like a good topic for Science Cafe

You’ve got to like somebody who uses “the wonders of thermodynamics” in a sentence. That phrase, sounding like one of Bill Nye The Science Guy’s … Full story    
Published:  January 19, 2015

Where are all the aliens? Maybe they killed themselves with climate change

My favorite answer to the question "Why don't you think time travel is possible?" has always been "Because there are no time travelers." If it … Full story    
Published:  January 18, 2015

Darn, I missed this: Dramatic readings from science papers and patent applications

Argh! I forgot to read the Improbable Research blog for a few days, and I missed the announcement of a weird and wild event that … Full story    
Published:  January 17, 2015

How far can you see before the curve of the Earth hides things?  

The Mount Washington Observatory blog has a nice discussion about how far they can see on clear days (130 miles or so), which included some … Full story    
Published:  January 17, 2015

News groups are salivating over the idea of using drones to shoot video/photos

The Telegraph's chief photographer, Don Himsel, would love to use drones for news shots - sometimes I catch him sighing over websites detailing various 3-axis … Full story    
Published:  January 16, 2015

NH considers math education pathways other than just "calculus or bust!"

New Hampshire has established a task force to get more kids doing better in so-called STEM (science, tech, engineering, math) courses. I am looking through … Full story    
Published:  January 15, 2015

NH doesn't want hunting with computer-assisted rifles - or with drones

NH Fish & Game has a public hearing on Jan. 29 to tackle some pretty geeky issues in terms of hunting. They want to:  + … Full story    
Published:  January 15, 2015

Not-so-cold winter and some advance planning have kept energy prices in check

Union-Leader reporter Dave Solomon has a new weekly column about energy, called Power Plays. This week's column talks about how energy prices and availability are … Full story    
Published:  January 15, 2015

Whither New Hampshire airports, as New Hampshire aviation shrinks?

I'll be attending a meeting this evening about the state's plan for our 25 airports, a meeting I advanced today in The Telegraph. (Did you … Full story    
Published:  January 15, 2015

Bitcoin is dying, all hail bitcoin!

The dollar value of bitcoin has been looking like the price of oil lately: falling with no floor in sight: It went below $200 on … Full story    
Published:  January 14, 2015

Text to 911 allowed in N.H., but no :-( or abbreviations 4U, plz

New Hampshire residents facing an emergency can now send text messages to 9-1-1, as well as making a phone call to the number – although … Full story    
Published:  January 12, 2015

Two infants, too young for vaccinations, get measles at Disneyland

Stories are more powerful than data when it comes to changing behavior (as came up during my stint on The Exchange last week), so here's … Full story    
Published:  January 12, 2015