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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New Business Bio: Edify Multimedia Group

Type of business: Video production services for the Web, corporations and broadcast.

Main location: 16 Technology Way, Nashua.

Company Web site address:

Date began business in southern New Hampshire: We are a jointly owned company made up of three partners who have been supplying this market with video services for more then 25 years. As Edify Multimedia Group, we have been in existence since June 2011, but we have continued to serve our list of long-held customers, bringing many of them forward as we have grown into new business areas.

Date opened at this location: June 1.

Is this a franchise? No.

Owner(s): Eric Frank, David Mackey and Dale Ouellette.

Days/Hours: Varied.

Number of full-time employees: Three.

Highlights of products and services: Edify Multimedia Group is a video and multimedia production company that provides full HD video production, editing and creative services for broadcast and corporate clients. We produce webcasts and video programs for your Web site or your computer, and we create award-winning TV spots that effectively communicate your message.

Services include single camera or multicamera live production, live webcast, “on-demand video” and traditional delivery on DVD or CD. We also have creative staff that will tell your story with maximum impact and a production team that combines full HD video technology with great lighting to ensure that your project will look great. Add our technical expertise, and you gain multiple delivery options that ensure your project is viewed by the audience you choose.

Our clients Include: Timberland, Dell, Southern New Hampshire Medical Center, Cisco Systems and more.

Names and backgrounds of the key leaders: Dale Ouellette, of Merrimack, is a current owner of Edify Multimedia Group and former owner of Video Workshop (1993-2004) in Nashua.

David Mackey, of Nashua, is a current owner of Edify Multimedia Group and former owner of Insight Media as well as a former employee of WMUR Channel 9.

Eric Frank, of Derry, is a current owner of Edify Multimedia Group and former owner of Flyer Communications as well as a former employee of WNDS-TV 50

What’s the biggest challenge facing your type of business, and how are you approaching it? Adapting to current technologies and utilizing the best tools for a specific job is always on our mind. Choosing the flavor of the week isn’t necessarily the best answer, especially since our goal is to utilize technology in pursuit of telling our clients’ stories and communicating their messages.

What’s the biggest change would you like to see in the business climate in this area? Today’s economic landscape is difficult, and companies sometimes forget that communication to clients and customers is often more important than ever in this economy. Video production, webcasting and “video on demand” products are surprisingly affordable when you consider the wide audience you can reach and the consistency of message that you achieve.

What else should the readers know about your business? We strive to adopt a fair and logical approach to each project we undertake. This includes taking the time to understand the needs of our clients, understanding their message, and applying technology and resources to each project as necessary.