Saturday, January 21, 2017
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Business people

Twice around the block; Trump’s 1st home up for auction for 2nd time in 3 months

NEW YORK - The first property connected to Republican President-elect Donald Trump has become a hot spot for real estate deal-making. Trump's earliest childhood home … Full story    
Published:  January 18, 2017

Venezuela debuts new banknotes amid soaring inflation

Venezuelans stood in long ATM lines Monday to take out new, larger-denominated bills that President Nicolas Maduro hopes will help stabilize the crisis-wracked economy. Maduro … Full story    
Published:  January 17, 2017

Best prospects; 5 best industries for aspiring entrepreneurs

This could be the year you decide to stop working for someone else and start your own business. While your individual skills and interests are … Full story    
Published:  January 15, 2017

Trade friction; China pledges further cuts in steel, coal production

BEIJING - China's top economic planner pledged Tuesday to continue cutting steel and coal production, which have been a source of trade friction with many … Full story    
Published:  January 11, 2017

More than a phone; Apple celebrates 10 years of innovation

SAN FRANCISCO - Few people realized it at the time, but the world shifted fundamentally a decade ago when Steve Jobs pulled the first iPhone … Full story    
Published:  January 10, 2017

Shelling out cash; lobster prices high as catch drops, China imports climb

PORTLAND, Maine - Lobster lovers are used to adjusting to high prices, but this winter, they're shelling out even more for the cherished crustaceans because … Full story    
Published:  January 8, 2017

Beantown as Shoetown; sneaker makers stake a claim to the Boston area

BOSTON - Shoe makers are racing to the Boston area as they compete for millennial talent. Reebok picked the city's rapidly growing Seaport District for … Full story    
Published:  January 4, 2017