Tuesday, April 21, 2015
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National columns

Call her Lily, please


Her name is Lily now, named for her favorite flower. To appreciate how startling it can be to first meet this confident, effusive young woman, … Full story    
Published:  April 18, 2015

The government is us

On Sunday, it will be 20 years since the morning a bomb destroyed the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City and took 168 … Full story    
Published:  April 18, 2015

Republican race is still fluid

Two weeks ago, Ted Cruz announced his candidacy for president at Liberty University, and last week, Rand Paul announced at the Galt House hotel in … Full story    
Published:  April 16, 2015

Farming moves north

Before there was a California, New England fed itself. Somehow. The soil was lousy, the climate cold and the diet limited (lots of cabbage, no … Full story    
Published:  April 15, 2015

Death and certainty

How about now? Are you in favor of the death penalty now? I ask because the preferred argument from opponents of the death penalty is … Full story    
Published:  April 13, 2015

Rand Paul’s uncertain trumpet

Who would have thought back in 2010 when Rand Paul won election to the Senate as a libertarian champion that the first media blowup in … Full story    
Published:  April 12, 2015

Walter Scott shooting is just another ‘isolated incident’?

“...You foolish and senseless people, who have eyes, but do not see, who have ears, but do not hear.” – Jeremiah 5:21 So here we … Full story    
Published:  April 12, 2015

Schultz: An epic fail unveiled


There’s no tap dance in my shoes over Columbia Journalism Review’s epic takedown this week of the Rolling Stone story that never should have seen … Full story    
Published:  April 11, 2015

Parker: Revenge of the help

The new tell-all, “The Residence,” featuring intimate anecdotes collected from past and current White House staff members, is absolutely delicious – and utterly lacking in … Full story    
Published:  April 11, 2015

How Big Money buys off criticism of Big Money

Not long ago, I was asked to speak to a religious congregation about widening inequality. Shortly before I began, the head of the congregation asked … Full story    
Published:  April 10, 2015

Buchanan: Will Corker save the GOP?

“Pat, sometimes it seems like our friends want me to go over the cliff with flags flying,” President Reagan once told me. Today, it is … Full story    
Published:  April 8, 2015

Shields: Stop invoking Reagan; start heeding him

It was not a pretty sight. Republican officeholders in Indiana and Arkansas, having been charged by not just their political opponents but also their strongest … Full story    
Published:  April 7, 2015

Fighting force, exclusion

“Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away.” – The Beatles “Yesterday’s gone, yesterday’s gone.” – Fleetwood Mac On Sunday, people all over the world … Full story    
Published:  April 4, 2015

Suing over some forms of sexism can hold women back

Ellen Pao’s gender discrimination suit against her employer contained the juicy elements that captivate us. The plaintiff was a Harvard-educated lawyer suing for a healthy … Full story    
Published:  April 4, 2015

RFRA is not discrimination

“I could have handled that better.” I don’t know if the captain of the Titanic ever said that. But Mike Pence did on Tuesday. The … Full story    
Published:  April 2, 2015

Education: The future depends on it

Over the past few months in cities throughout the country, we have seen harsh moments that have been characterized as “racial incidents.” Whether it be … Full story    
Published:  April 2, 2015

Parker: A leap of faith – into thin air

The apparently intentional downing of a Germanwings airliner by the co-pilot has us riveted, as commercial plane crashes usually do. In each terrible instance, we … Full story    
Published:  March 31, 2015