Saturday, October 1, 2016
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Celebrating open access to ideas

On May 10, 1933, Nazis burned more than 25,000 books as part of what the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum describes as "a massive propaganda campaign … Full story    
Updated 9 hours ago

A loss for more than just baseball

It's amazing - the nightmares that Jose Fernandez survived and the common reward of the American Dream that he didn't. The Marlins pitcher with the … Full story    
Updated yesterday

First debate proves underwhelming

The two most unpopular presidential candidates in modern history had their first debate Monday, and the best we can say is that they lived up … Full story    
Updated 2 days ago

The dark side of drug marketing

The phrase heroin epidemic is now all too familiar. So too are the feelings associated with the news of yet another tragic overdose death. The … Full story    
Published:  September 26, 2016

Tragic futility in Syrian cease-fire

A big diplomatic push by President Barack Obama to bring humanitarian relief to Aleppo crumbled Monday when Syrian aircraft resumed bombing rebel positions after a … Full story    
Published:  September 25, 2016

The success of the voter fraud myth

How does a lie come to be widely taken as the truth? The answer is disturbingly simple: Repeat it over and over again. When faced … Full story    
Published:  September 24, 2016

In perilous times, Tulsa faces a test

For the second time in less than two years, the focus of the community and the nation is on the shooting of a black man … Full story    
Published:  September 23, 2016

LA’s city attorney deserves his due

U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., has been getting a lot of notice for her tough questioning of Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf, and that's as … Full story    
Published:  September 22, 2016

Making a case for national optimism

America has a reputation for its optimism, its can-do spirit, its willingness to explore and innovate. And yet an atmosphere of pessimism has spread across … Full story    
Published:  September 20, 2016

Failure to discuss poverty in the US

Poverty in the United States is deeper than in all other wealthy nations. Yet neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump has a specific anti-poverty agenda. … Full story    
Published:  September 19, 2016

New Hampshire must protect kids

Last week, in Nashua, the mother of 3-year-old Brielle Gage was found guilty of beating her to death. In Manchester, another mother stands accused of … Full story    
Published:  September 12, 2016

Nashua’s 9/11 ties still resonate today

  EDITOR'S NOTE: This piece originally ran Sept. 12, 2001. The words coming over the school's loudspeaker were almost unbelievable. One of the two hijacked … Full story    
Published:  September 11, 2016

Looking back at the week in news

As if news on the addiction front here wasn't bad enough The news on the local addiction front continues to be grim. Drug overdoses totaled … Full story    
Published:  September 10, 2016

Lawmakers on a hunt for scandal

Congress returned from its summer break to what may be a brief but contentious pre-election legislative spell. Among the likely arguments: whether Congress should radically … Full story    
Published:  September 9, 2016

DWC's best shot for smooth flying

Pilots call it “chop” – the turbulence found in the air that can buffet even the largest jumbo jets and toss unsecured passengers around like … Full story    
Published:  September 8, 2016

Long way from real transparency

As long as New Hampshire continues to rely on the court system as the sole avenue of appeal for public records requests that are denied, … Full story    
Published:  September 6, 2016

Victim’s choice a show of strength

Bravo, Chessy Prout. Prout, 17, still looking like the child she was as a 15-year-old St. Paul's School freshman, stepped forward last Tuesday to say … Full story    
Published:  September 6, 2016

GOP: Ted Gatsas

Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas says he's the best candidate for governor because he's the only one with a business background who also has government experience … Full story    
Published:  September 4, 2016

Dems: Marchand

Democrats who go to the polls to vote on Tuesday, Sept. 13, have some choices, the best known being Executive Councilor Colin Van Ostern, former … Full story    
Published:  September 4, 2016

Looking back at the week in news

Elephant census offers evidence of poaching's toll The results are in from the Great Elephant Census, and the numbers are much worse than expected. A … Full story    
Published:  September 3, 2016

Fair sentence for former trooper  

Pelham resident Andrew Monaco, 31, was sentenced for assault last week. He pleaded guilty and received a deferred one-year term in jail, with the remaining … Full story    
Published:  September 2, 2016

Evidence that elections matter

For anyone who wants or needs evidence of why elections matter, we offer up a couple of close-tohome examples. The first is Maine Gov. Paul … Full story    
Published:  September 1, 2016

Thanking public servants in trial

At the conclusion of jury trials, regardless of the verdict, it is customary for judges to thank jurors for their service and attentiveness. But who … Full story    
Published:  August 31, 2016

Senators silent on EpiPen issue

We wonder why neither of New Hampshire's U.S. senators have uttered a peep about the fact that the company that sells the life-saving EpiPen has … Full story    
Published:  August 30, 2016

Blunt-talking gov unfit for office 

Dear America: Maine here. Please forgive us - we made a terrible mistake. We managed to elect and re-elect a governor who is unfit for … Full story    
Published:  August 29, 2016

Standing up for privacy rights

If a stranger tapped another on the shoulder and inquired about their sexual history, the most germane response is "none of your damn business." And … Full story    
Published:  August 28, 2016

Looking back at the week in news

Nashua's students ready for a fresh start next Tuesday While it certainly is not the most exciting news for Nashua's children, the start of the … Full story    
Published:  August 27, 2016

Volunteerism is a powerful force

The city of Nashua website lists 45 agencies throughout the region that provide opportunities for people to volunteer their time. The list runs the gamut, … Full story    
Published:  August 24, 2016

Retaining the city’s waterways

Ya gotta love water. One of the things we sometimes take for granted, living in an area as lush as ours, is the water that … Full story    
Published:  August 23, 2016

Privatizing domains won’t change much at all

Flip the switch and the lights go on. Hit the starter button and the engine turns over. Key in an internet domain name and the … Full story    
Published:  August 22, 2016