Monday, December 29, 2014
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Nashua: Window dressing in downtown

We want downtown Nashua to succeed as a vibrant center of commerce and business. We even hope to move back there ourselves one day soon. … Full story    
Updated 10 hours ago

State: NH House and the rough edges of discord

New Hampshire House Speaker Shawn Jasper, R-Hudson, has decided to continue the practice of mixing the seating arrangements in the chamber. Rather than have Republicans … Full story    
Updated 10 hours ago

Grimm reality is he should quit

Just when the last thing Congress needs is another black eye to further erode public opinion of its integrity and job performance, along comes Republican … Full story    
Updated yesterday

Bettencourt remarks what grace and dignity look like

In a recent editorial about the split among Republicans in the New Hampshire House of Representatives, we noted that, as a member of former Speaker … Full story    
Updated 2 days ago

Pope continues to be a beacon for what is right

Pope Francis continues to set himself apart from all other popes. After helping broker the deal to restore diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Cuba … Full story    
Updated 2 days ago

Agreement with Cuba is welcomed in South America

For the better part of two centuries, the United States has had a troubled relationship with Latin America, much of which still resents what it … Full story    
Updated 2 days ago

License plate dispute shows state needs to be consistent

The New Hampshire Liquor Commission was so proud of the fact that sales in fiscal year 2014 reached $626 million that it sent out a … Full story    
Published:  December 26, 2014

We are graced by the kind-hearted

Beginning this evening, Christians around the world will celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, who is worshiped as the son of God. Unlike the solemn … Full story    
Published:  December 24, 2014

Every single drop of blood spilled

It seemed to be the most popular phrase in the Twittersphere. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio was said to have “blood on his … Full story    
Published:  December 23, 2014

A metaphor for government waste

According to a story in the Washington Post, NASA is shutting down a $350 million laboratory tower in Gulfport, Mississippi. The facility will cost $700,000 … Full story    
Published:  December 22, 2014

Tilting at judicial windmills again

Republican state Rep. Dan Itse, of Fremont, is not a close friend of the New Hampshire judicial system, as demonstrated by a legislative record unencumbered … Full story    
Published:  December 21, 2014

Scrapping ‘The Interview’ sends wrong message

The bad guys won. That’s the takeaway from Sony Pictures’ decision to pull from public release of “The Interview,” the comedy film about a TV … Full story    
Published:  December 20, 2014

Crumbling economy casts Putin in different light

As recently as this fall, critics of President Barack Obama were portraying him as a stooge compared to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Putin was the … Full story    
Published:  December 20, 2014

With normalized relations, Cuba controls its own fate

It’s not as historic as President Richard Nixon’s 1972 visit to China, but President Obama’s decision to renew diplomatic relations with Cuba shares a common … Full story    
Published:  December 20, 2014

Washington tale: Sachs ’n’ the Citi

Rarely has a politician spelled out so clearly the sleazy relationship between big government and big business as Sen. Elizabeth Warren did last Friday night … Full story    
Published:  December 19, 2014

They can cry if they want to

“It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to, cry if I want to, cry if I want to.” So sang Lesley Gore in … Full story    
Published:  December 18, 2014

Learning about ourselves, others

Where did you come from? For some who have barely ventured out of New England, the answer may be as simple as “Right here.” For … Full story    
Published:  December 17, 2014

Better information is needed about police shootings

Tens of thousands of Americans took to the streets over the weekend to protest the recent deaths of several unarmed black men at the hands … Full story    
Published:  December 16, 2014

It’s time to nip the double-dip

Legally, there is nothing wrong with the practice known as double-dipping that allows a “retired” public employee to take another job in the public sector. … Full story    
Published:  December 15, 2014

Questions about 3-year-old’s death

It was sickening news, and the fact that it was widely expected made it no less so. It was expected because there were warning signs. … Full story    
Published:  December 14, 2014

Congress bestows gifts on themselves and a few of their monied friends

Congress reminded us this week of the adage “Be careful what you wish for – you just might get it.” After years of Americans griping … Full story    
Published:  December 12, 2014

We probably shouldn’t overthink pope’s pup remark

During his not quite two years as leader of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis has aggressively sought to make the church more inclusive. He has … Full story    
Published:  December 12, 2014

NFL takes steps to deal with domestic violence issues

It has been an embarrassing few months for the National Football League and Commissioner Roger Goodell. This week, though, the league took an important step … Full story    
Published:  December 12, 2014

Yes, America can handle the truth

“I want to be absolutely clear with our people and the world: The United States does not torture. It’s against our laws, and it’s against … Full story    
Published:  December 12, 2014

Back on the air like the old days

To paraphrase an old advertising slogan, “We’ve come a long way, baby.” People of a certain age will recognize that as belonging to one of … Full story    
Published:  December 11, 2014

Politics: Dignity is not too much to ask

Bill O’Brien, the former speaker of the New Hampshire House, can add a new attribute to his political resume: sore loser. His tactics after the … Full story    
Published:  December 10, 2014

Nashua: Be part of city’s arts discussion

There are more than a few residents of Nashua who fancy the city as the arts capital of New Hampshire. They have designs on the … Full story    
Published:  December 9, 2014

The future of commuter rail

Picture a group of Pilgrims taking the 7:40 a.m. local to Grand Central Terminal. They would undoubtedly see any train as a marvel of technology. … Full story    
Published:  December 8, 2014

Martha’s Exchange owner didn’t have to, but he did

Nashua was shocked this week to learn of Villa Banca’s sudden closing. The popular restaurant had been a staple of the downtown eating scene since … Full story    
Published:  December 7, 2014

Outage was a pain, but it could have been worse, too

With 84 percent of its acreage covered with trees, New Hampshire is the second-most forested state in the country, behind only Maine (86 percent). That … Full story    
Published:  December 7, 2014