Tuesday, August 30, 2016
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Senators silent on EpiPen issue

We wonder why neither of New Hampshire's U.S. senators have uttered a peep about the fact that the company that sells the life-saving EpiPen has … Full story    
Updated 3 hours ago

Blunt-talking gov unfit for office 

Dear America: Maine here. Please forgive us - we made a terrible mistake. We managed to elect and re-elect a governor who is unfit for … Full story    
Updated yesterday

Standing up for privacy rights

If a stranger tapped another on the shoulder and inquired about their sexual history, the most germane response is "none of your damn business." And … Full story    
Updated 2 days ago

Looking back at the week in news

Nashua's students ready for a fresh start next Tuesday While it certainly is not the most exciting news for Nashua's children, the start of the … Full story    
Published:  August 27, 2016

Volunteerism is a powerful force

The city of Nashua website lists 45 agencies throughout the region that provide opportunities for people to volunteer their time. The list runs the gamut, … Full story    
Published:  August 24, 2016

Retaining the city’s waterways

Ya gotta love water. One of the things we sometimes take for granted, living in an area as lush as ours, is the water that … Full story    
Published:  August 23, 2016

Privatizing domains won’t change much at all

Flip the switch and the lights go on. Hit the starter button and the engine turns over. Key in an internet domain name and the … Full story    
Published:  August 22, 2016

Transparency in state is still MIA

Campaign finance reports are due this week from those seeking election to the offices of governor, executive councilor, state senator and state representative. It is, … Full story    
Published:  August 21, 2016

Looking back at the week in news

Silver Knights, local players did the city proud The Nashua Silver Knights did the city proud this summer, taking home their third championship in the … Full story    
Published:  August 20, 2016

Obama's Syria response lacking

Devastating and overwhelming. Those are the conditions in the ancient and once-great metropolis of Aleppo, according to the head of delegation for the International Committee … Full story    
Published:  August 19, 2016

An amendment worth passing

We have, from time to time in this space, suggested that the time is right for New Hampshire to revisit some of its constitutional issues … Full story    
Published:  August 18, 2016

NH hospital owes answers to public

New Hampshire's five-member Executive Council will be asked on Aug. 24 to approve a contract handing Dartmouth-Hitchcock the reins of New Hampshire Hospital's staffing for … Full story    
Published:  August 17, 2016

Time for Trump to release taxes

That Donald Trump is a cagey one, saying he wants to wait until the IRS finishes auditing his tax returns before he decides whether to … Full story    
Published:  August 16, 2016

Was it ransom or something else?

On the very same day that the Islamic Republic of Iran released several American hostages, including Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian, the Iranian regime received … Full story    
Published:  August 15, 2016

Time for serious talk on marijuana

New Hampshire's newest medical marijuana dispensary opened last week in Merrimack on the same day the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency said marijuana will remain a … Full story    
Published:  August 14, 2016

Looking back at the week in news

Red Sox didn't bobble with David Ortiz decision Say what you will about the Boston Red Sox, the team acted decisively in not distributing David … Full story    
Published:  August 13, 2016

It takes a village to run a village

In New Hampshire, most people who serve on city, town and school district boards are volunteers. They're certainly not in it for the money. If … Full story    
Published:  August 11, 2016

Crossing the line on school board

Nashua Board of Education member Doris Hohensee has been an ardent advocate for her views and transparent about her desire to see the competency- based grading … Full story    
Published:  August 10, 2016

Openness needed on mental heath

A63-year-old woman with a history of mental health issues jumped to her death on July 27 a building on Main Street in Nashua. It happened … Full story    
Published:  August 9, 2016

Voting is not a right – but it should be

There will not be a national election this fall - not really. Instead, we will have 50 state elections where officials in more than 3,000 … Full story    
Published:  August 8, 2016

A transparency lesson for Nashua

'All power residing originally in, and being derived from, the people, all the magistrates and officers of government are their substitutes and agents, and at … Full story    
Published:  August 7, 2016

Looking back at the week in news

Scratching the surface of drone technology's potential They are technically called "unmanned aerial aircraft," - popularly referred to as "drones" - and their potential was … Full story    
Published:  August 6, 2016

These Olympians have already won

The International Olympic Committee has proven itself to be an easy target for criticism over the years, and why not? It purports to champion the … Full story    
Published:  August 3, 2016

Voters deserve better debates

As things stand now, it looks like Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are running for president on basically the same platform: vote for me because … Full story    
Published:  August 3, 2016

Trump exhibits tone-deafness

Donald Trump, a man who may become our next president, put the First Amendment through its paces when he squared off with a Muslim-American couple … Full story    
Published:  August 2, 2016

Gun debate ought to reflect realities

The aftermath of each high-profile shooting plays out the same. One side says it's the result of a culture engorged and enamored with guns, while … Full story    
Published:  August 1, 2016

A judgment call on holding info

When a 16- or 17-year-old is charged with a criminal offense, most people never know about it. The law in the state of New Hampshire … Full story    
Published:  July 31, 2016

Looking back at the week in news

Get the lead out, and those nasty chemicals too If you're one of the many people who have a stash of nasty chemicals under the … Full story    
Published:  July 30, 2016

When the Dems justify the means

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders said he was "disappointed but not surprised" by the contents of hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee that showed DNC … Full story    
Published:  July 27, 2016

Planting seeds for lifelong learning

We learned this week that some of the tomatoes grown in the Elm Street Middle School greenhouse came from seeds that not so long ago … Full story    
Published:  July 26, 2016