Monday, June 27, 2016
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Local commentary

Keep guns away from terrorists

As we grapple with the aftermath of the worst terrorist attack on our soil since 9/11, where an individual who pledged allegiance to ISIS purchased … Full story    
Updated 8 hours ago

An inspiration for Nashua

Many of you who read The Telegraph already know that Nashua has a growing Indian-American and south Asian population within our city. Since the late … Full story    
Updated yesterday

Feds could make assisted living care worse in NH

For relying upon Medicaid to pay for their assisted living care, the federal government is poised to make a care crisis worse - particularly in … Full story    
Updated yesterday

Backbone or bankruptcy in Washington?

Chicago, Puerto Rico and Greece show what will happen if Washington politicians continue put pork and crony capitalism above fiscal responsibility. For seven years now, … Full story    
Updated yesterday

New Hampshire needs to get back to more personal responsibility

We live in a world in which common sense is taking a back seat to political correctness. We avoid hard truths and instead seek political … Full story    
Published:  June 21, 2016

Homelessness in the Gate City

The issue of homelessness is pretty well hidden away in Nashua - at least to people who haven't given the subject much thought. The reported … Full story    
Published:  June 19, 2016

Low-income residents can get relief from electric bills

Electricity is a basic need for New Hampshire's residents and businesses, but it is not free. Electric bills in New Hampshire can be expensive, but … Full story    
Published:  June 19, 2016

Forrester spells out plan to battle drug abuse

Few issues facing the Granite State require the same level of urgency from policymakers as the heroin and opioid epidemic. Four hundred and twenty eight … Full story    
Published:  June 19, 2016

Issuing an election challenge

Recently, I officially entered the race for Executive Council to represent the 33 towns of District 5 where I was raised. As a candidate for … Full story    
Published:  June 14, 2016

Fight for eminent domain protection

It's understandable that we've all felt euphoric after Kinder Morgan's withdrawal of its application for a certificate of convenience with FERC for its Northeast Energy … Full story    
Published:  June 14, 2016

Ode to local farm stands

Let's talk fresh veggies. I read with interest the story last week about expansion of the Nashua Farmer's Market and its move to Le Parc … Full story    
Published:  June 12, 2016

A plan to support innovation, foster job growth

All across New Hampshire, we continue to see signs of a strengthening economy driven by innovation. Our unemployment rate is now 2.6 percent, among the … Full story    
Published:  June 12, 2016

A plan to bridge New Hampshire’s skills gap

New Hampshire has drawn recognition for having one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation. But when you dig deeper, there is some cause … Full story    
Published:  June 12, 2016

Nashua district at a crossroads

I retired from the Nashua School District in June 2015 after 27 years; 21 as a school psychologist and five as special education director, serving … Full story    
Published:  June 12, 2016

Trump’s troubling relationship

I think it's pretty clear by now that I am not supporting Donald Trump for president. But it looks like many Republicans will be. And … Full story    
Published:  June 5, 2016

Are we now forfeiting our national soul?

On Memorial Day, when we stop and honor those who had the courage to bravely risk the ultimate sacrifice, I found myself wondering if it … Full story    
Published:  June 5, 2016

Board was major factor in resignation

During my tenure on the Nashua Board of Education, I witnessed the erosion of the BOE's support for Superintendent Mark Conrad. During my first four … Full story    
Published:  June 5, 2016

Mental health change begins with how we think about it

Strong communities happen when every individual has the opportunity to contribute to their greatest potential. That potential exists in large part because we have the … Full story    
Published:  May 29, 2016

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