Friday, August 26, 2016
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Local commentary

A killer island in our midst

We are grateful to the Nashua Telegraph for giving us this space each month to discuss some of our community's tougher social issues. This aligns … Full story    
Published:  August 21, 2016

Nashua school meeting got testy

EDITOR'S NOTE: The following is excerpted from the Aug. 8 meeting of the Nashua Board of Education. The full minutes - at which the board … Full story    
Published:  August 21, 2016

Concussions in football are an existential issue

I am trying to fight off a mild case of Red Sox pennant fever, and I notice that the football season is creeping up on … Full story    
Published:  August 21, 2016

Improving the city schools

The Nashua Board of Education, listening to the exaggerated concerns of Superintendent Mark Conrad, suspended its rules on Monday night to avoid discussion of a … Full story    
Published:  August 16, 2016

In summer, open ‘The Doors’

August is a transitional month in New Hampshire. It can't seem to decide if it's a summer month or an almost-autumn month. Yes, it can … Full story    
Published:  August 14, 2016

Clean Power Plan marks its first anniversary in state

August marks one year since the EPA announced the Clean Power Plan - a significant and historic approach to reducing carbon pollution from power plants. … Full story    
Published:  August 14, 2016

Unelected regulators undermine system

In 1784, Thomas Jefferson penned a warning to Virginia legislators, which legislators today must read. "Our ancient laws expressly declare that those who are but … Full story    
Published:  August 14, 2016

Trump should release taxes

Since at least 1980, every presidential nominee, Republican and Democrat, has released their tax returns. Some have released only a year or two and some … Full story    
Published:  August 9, 2016

Trump and harassment

Amid all the other controversies that rage around the Republican nominee, one of the most recent ones that's of great interest to me is Donald … Full story    
Published:  August 7, 2016

Ayotte’s support for Trump is deeply disappointing

On June 13, 2006, my son, Sgt. Russell Durgin, had his life cut short at the age of 23 in Afghanistan while fighting to defend … Full story    
Published:  August 7, 2016

Assessing Trump’s fitness for Oval Office

For days, in an episode unprecedented in modern presidential campaigns, Donald J. Trump, the Republican candidate, lashed out in angry tweets and media interviews at … Full story    
Published:  August 7, 2016

Clues into Clinton’s character

I've always believed the best way to size up politicians is by looking first at the decisions they made before entering public life. Did they … Full story    
Published:  July 31, 2016

Lies, damned lies and Clinton’s emails

If polls are to be believed, most of you have doubts about Hillary Clinton's honesty. With so many Republicans and conservative pundits relentlessly calling her … Full story    
Published:  July 31, 2016

Slippery political terms during the 2016 campaign

Conservatism or exclusionism? At this time of the national conventions, I've been trying to understand what "conservative" really means. I know the Republicans are said … Full story    
Published:  July 24, 2016

Familiar Republican name backing Clinton

Over 100 years ago, Edmund Burke said, "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." So here … Full story    
Published:  July 24, 2016

Van McLeod stood for the arts scene in Nashua, as well as the state

Winston Churchill is credited with many pithy sayings in his lifetime. Many of them are accurate, some are not, and some ... we'll never know … Full story    
Published:  July 24, 2016

Please, Pokemon Go ... Away!

If you thought this year was a little crazy because of the elections or the many acts of violence, you would be wrong. There is … Full story    
Published:  July 17, 2016

United Way, Children’s Home assist Nashua’s children

The purpose of this column is to provide Telegraph readers with topics that align with United Way's mission to fight for the health, education, and … Full story    
Published:  July 17, 2016

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