Thursday, January 29, 2015
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No time for dog days – gardeners have work in August

Ah, the results of my labor in the garden – the bounty is in! The tomatoes are sun-drenched in flavor. One bite and the sweet … Full story    

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Growing onions successfully can be tricky

Onions are a staple of many backyard gardens, but many gardeners have problems with onions for several reasons. The main problem is that they sometimes … Full story    
Published:  January 18, 2015

Getting off on the right foot in the garden

When we garden, we want to do the least amount of work and get the most out of it. Getting off on the right foot … Full story    
Published:  January 11, 2015

Facing challenge of thwarting houseplant pests

Now that winter is here, scale insects have started showing up on my potted citrus tree and some orchids. How many other plant pests lurk, … Full story    
Published:  January 4, 2015

Ignore those ugly rumors about mulch

Rumor has it that mulching your garden beds or trees and shrubs could starve your plants. It’s a rumor that has circulated for 40 years … Full story    
Published:  December 21, 2014

Grow vegetables indoors during winter

When it is cold outside with snow on the ground and temperatures are at freezing or below, the thought of gardening isn’t in the thought … Full story    
Published:  December 14, 2014

Old blue canning jars have tales to tell

The blue canning jar is a symbol of canning of years gone by. Not the new blue jars – we’re referring to the ones our … Full story    
Published:  December 7, 2014

Enjoy water fixtures all year by winterizing

For many people with backyard ponds, fountains and other water-garden fixtures, the arrival of cold weather means draining the pipes and pulling the plug. But … Full story    
Published:  November 23, 2014

Plant sunchokes once, and eat them forever

Jerusalem artichokes are an amazing perennial vegetable. They are a potatolike tuber that you don’t have to cook to eat, are less starchy than a … Full story    
Published:  November 16, 2014

Enjoy fresh carrots, parsnips all winter

Many of the plants you grow in your garden need to be harvested when it gets too cold for them to be outside. These plants … Full story    
Published:  November 9, 2014

Compost in fall for better garden in spring

As another outdoor growing season comes to a close, there are still tasks to do in the garden, whether yours garden is large or small. … Full story    
Published:  November 2, 2014

Lots of options after harvesting apples, pears

As the nights begin to get cooler and we watch the last remaining days of summer slip away, with the thoughts of hayrides and Friday … Full story    
Published:  October 19, 2014

Kindness to wildlife can pay off in the garden

By DEAN FOSDICK The Associated Press Competition and conflict have existed between people and animals since the first gardeners began sowing seeds on the ground. … Full story    
Published:  October 12, 2014

Save tomato seeds to grow that favorite variety again next year

Saving seeds is important for a number of reasons, including not having to buy them next spring and having seeds from a plant that is … Full story    
Published:  October 5, 2014

Garlic chives: Ornamental, tasty, sometimes weedy

Is it a weed or a garden plant?  Garlic chives are among those plants – paulownia tree, Jerusalem artichoke, mint and anise hyssop are others … Full story    
Published:  September 21, 2014